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Registration and Rules


  • Only students who fully satisfied the entry requirement for their programme of study can be admitted into the school.
  • Any student found not to be qualified will be withdrawn immediately.
  • Fee-paying students shall pay all approved fees at the Accounts Office on or before registration.
  • Every student must be admitted for a programme of study and must be properly registered for course during the official registration period at the beginning of each semester.
  • Students shall report on the day the school reopens and register within the normal period as would be determined by the school authority.
  • It shall be permissible for those who are unable to register within the said period to undergo late registration.
  • A fine to be determined by the school authority shall be imposed for the late registration.
  • Formal registration ends on the last day of the period of late registration.
  • Student, who is unable to register within the formal registration period on grounds of ill health, shall on provision of Medical report.
  • Issued by a government medical officer, be allowed to register within seven working days from the day of the closure of formal registration.
  • In the event of the inability of such a student to register within the seven working days stipulated above, he/she will be allowed a deferment for a semester.
  • There shall be no registration by Proxy.
  • Student who does not duly register within the registration period shall be precluded from commencing the semester's programme of courses.
  • Registration for the appropriate course shall qualify a student to write an examination. Where a student registers for a course but failed to write the examination, the student shall be declared to have failed the course.
  • A student shall attend all lectures, workshop sessions and practicals prescribed for the course for which the student has registered as a precondition for writing an examination.
  • A student who is absent from lectures, and practical classes without proper permission for a total of fourteen(l 4) days or more in any semester shall be declared not to have satisfied the attendance requirement for the semester and shall not be allowed to take part in the end of semester examination.


Freshmen are given orientation during the registration period, i.e. during the first two weeks after the school reopens. The students are oriented to acquaint themselves with facilities and activities within the school, including the classrooms, laboratories, library (Internet Cafe), and department, academic and administrative staff.


The regulations for students are made under the authority of the structure and organization of the school approved by the Board of Governors.

The term ’’STUDENT” shall apply to a person enrolled in the Ghana School of Surveying and Mapping for a programme of study.

  • The school has a general disciplinary authority over all students enrolled in the school.
  • General regulations affecting students shall be made by the school's Academic Board in accordance with the structure and organization of the school and promulgated by the Principal.


It shall be misconduct for any student to do any act without reasonable excuse or to fail to perform in a proper manner any duty imposed upon him/her or which contravenes any regulation, instruction or directive relating to students of the school or tends to bring the school's name and image into disrepute.


Members of the Academic Staff, the Academic Board and any other person so authorized for the purpose shall maintain order and proper conduct and take appropriate disciplinary action against any student for misconduct.


  • There shall be formal Examination in Programme of Study at the end of each semester. The examination in each course shall not less than two (2) hours duration. In addition. There shall be a system of continuous assessment based on any or a combination or the following; mid-semester Examination shall be weighted 70% and continuous assessment 30% of the total marks of the course.
  • Examination in all courses shall be credited by marks and later graded


  • The pass mark for any course shall be 50%
  • Where a student does not maintain the above mark of 50% he will be put on probation
  • A final year student who does not achieve the required mark of 45% in all courses shall be permitted to use this grace period to improve his pass mark in order to qualify for the award of the HND for which lie is studying.




  • Trail - A student fails a course when he/she obtains a pass mark or is graded incomplete (l/l*) or has Deferred (Df) a course.
  •  Fail - A student fails a course when he/she obtains a mark less than 45% or fails to write an examination after registration without any tangible reason.

Incomplete (I or I*)

  • A student is graded incomplete (I) for a course when he/she is unable to write an examination on grounds of ill — health and the medical report is acceptable, provided he/she registered for the course.1
  • A student is graded incomplete (I*) for a reason(s) other than 10.2 A(ii) above which is acceptable to Academic Board.
  • Deferred - A deferred (Df) course is an unregistered course which is neither Fail(F) nor Incomplete (I*) and for which the student is/was required to register.


A student shall be considered to be on probation in any of the following situations:

2nd and 3'd year student on trailing (F) five courses at the end of the second semester examination.

1" and 2nd year students on obtaining a pass mark 0% to 44.99% at the end of the second semester examination.

A student on probation is required to improve his/her performance and be in good academic standing with regard to 10.2B, within two semesters, failing which he/she shall repeat the year.


  1. A student shall be required to repeat the year / semester in any of the following situations:
  2. A student on trailing all registered courses as fail (F) in a semester
  3. A student on trailing all registered courses as incomplete (1) in a semester.
  4. A student who must be put on probation for the second successive time
  • The student must take his cluster of courses in that year again. The credits obtained for the failed year shall be cancelled.
  • A student on deferring the programme for one year (2 continuous semesters)


A student shall be withdrawn from the programme in any of the following situations:     .

  • A 1  year student upon trailing more than four courses at the end of the first semester or a total of more than four courses at the end of the second semester examination.
  • Any student upon absenting himself/herself from all courses for a semester examination without permission shall be deemed to have abandoned the programme.

Grace period:

It is a maximum period of two semesters, immediately after the second semester examination, granted to Final year students to correct their deficiencies in the following situations:

  • A final year student who at the end of the second semester examination sill trails any course(s)
  • A final year student whose performance is such that he/she has to be put on probation for the second time in succession.
  • A final year student who's pass mark is below 45% and has to take any course(s) to make up the grade for the award of HND.



In order to graduate, a student is required to:

  • Have achieved the minimum average mark of 45% in all courses
  • Have satisfied any other requirement the school authority and NAPTEX may prescribe from time to time.

The class of HND for programs shall be determined by the following pass mark average for all 6 semester courses required to take:



Students have a fundamental right to query how their scripts are marked if they feel very strongly that their result do not reflect their effort. Request for remarking of examination script shall be before the end of the semester following the examination. The procedures for request for re-marking as follows:

  • He /she shall address the request for re-marking to the Principal.
  • He/she shall pay a fee to be determined by the school. However, the fee will be refunded to the student if he/she is vindicated if the new marks resulting from the re-marking raises his/her grade.


All examination malpractices shall be dealt with in accordance with the provisions of approved internal examination regulation of the institution. These include:

  • Illegal prior possession, knowledge or use of examination papers;
  • Leakage of examination papers;
  • Impersonation at examination;
  • Copying at examination;
  • Communication either verbally or in writing during examination;
  • Insult and assault in invigilators, supervisors and inspectors before, during and after examination.

Any person who, before or during an examination conducted by the school: - examination; or

  • Has in her/her possession any unauthorized material relevant to the examination; or
  • Is proved to have had fore-knowledge of the contents of any examination paper; commits an offence and would be withdrawn from the school.

Where a candidate, before or during an examination, is found acting in breach of the provision of 10.5, he / she:

  • Shall be disqualified from taking the examination and the results of the examination shall be cancelled; and
  • May be prohibited from taking any examination conducted by the school for a period of not less than two years immediately following the breach.
  • The penalties contained in this section shall be in addition to any penalties that may be imposed by the court.


Transcript of Academic records shall be issued by the institution on request for a fee.


The school would withdraw a student irrespective of the level attained in the progress of the programmed if it found out that a student has been admitted based on illegal / faked entry documents.


Every student shall be deemed to have understood and accepted the institution's rules and regulations.

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